2020 IMPACT Delaware Conference

2020 IMPACT Delaware Conference

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Advancing Social Change Together

Thursday, August 20, 2020
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Clayton Hall, University of Delaware


Leslie Crutchfield Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Leslie Crutchfield

Author & Executive Director, Business for Impact at Georgetown University’s McDonough School for Business

How Change Happens: Why Some Movements Succeed While Others Don’t

Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits

Do More than Give

Afternoon Speaker: Tom Sheridan

Author & President, The Sheridan Group

Helping the Good Do Better: How a White Hat Lobbyist Advocates for Social Change




2020 Conference Overview: Advancing Social Change Together

The 2020 Impact Delaware conference brings a new twist to an old concept – galvanizing and mobilizing large groups of people who support the same cause for a greater impact. This is a proven and often-implemented strategy, but when you think of it in terms of joining together to build a movement to advance social change, the idea takes on a whole new meaning. This year’s conference will be an interactive day full of engagement, education and learning best practices around the advancement of social change.

DANA is delighted to feature nationally recognized author and change-maker, Leslie Crutchfield as the 2020 Keynote Speaker. Tom Sheridan, white hat lobbyist respected for his decades of experience crafting socially responsible public policy initiatives, as the afternoon session panel moderator.  Breakout sessions will provide in-depth learning about leadership, communications, advocacy evaluation and funding your advocacy efforts.

If you support a cause, you belong at this year’s 2020 Impact Delaware conference!

2020 Afternoon Panel Discussion:

Washington Lobbyist, Tom Sheridan, will moderate the afternoon panel discussion with local Delaware coalition builders. Topics discussed will include successes, challenges, and real-life strategies. Mr. Sheridan will provide insights from his experiences at the national level to further enhance the discussion. There will also be time for existing coalitions to meet and reflect on what they’ve learned. You won’t want to miss this session!



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2020 Breakout Sessions

Each 45 minute breakout session will occur between 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM and will then repeat from 11:35 AM - 12:20 PM.
Leslie Crutchfield, Author & Executive Director, Georgetown University’s Business for Impact

In movements, there are two extremes: leaderless movements with no hierarchy and movements that are too leader-led-topdown, controlled by those wanting power and credit. Ideally, what you want to find is a balance between those two, where your base of power is still coming from the grassroots, but the grass tops is really providing direction rather than command. Join facilitator, Leslie Crutchfield, to learn more about key concepts of developing these leaderful movements for success.

Julie Sweetland, Senior Advisor, FrameWorks Institute

Reframing social issues is hard work – but knowing what you’re up against helps to make it possible. Join the FrameWorks Institute to explore three foundational patterns in American thinking that constrain progress on countless social issues, and learn the reframing techniques that have worked for other advocates and movements.

Joel Gutierrez, Senior Consultant, ORS Impact

Advocacy organizations – listen up! Even if your organization is just thinking about engaging in advocacy, learning about advocacy evaluation is a crucial step in measuring the influence you’ve had on the causes you care about. Evaluating the data from your advocacy efforts is a practice all organizations can benefit from. Joel will share steps advocacy-focused organizations can take to setup or improve their evaluation and learning practice. Concepts in the session include: communicating strategy through theory or change, identifying outcomes relevant to advocacy, and reviewing common methods. There will also be small group discussions and opportunities to start or refine your evaluation and learning practice.

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Leslie Crutchfield is an author, educator, social change expert and Executive Director of Business for Impact at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Business for Impact’s core value is that companies can be a powerful force for good in the world, and the center delivers world-class education, student experience, and cross-sector collaborations for people, planet and profit. Leslie’s latest book is How Change Happens: Why Some Movements Succeed While Others Don’t, noted in “The New York Review of Books” as a blueprint for groups inspired to take action on today’s major causes. Leslie also co-authored the bestselling Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits – recognized by The Economist on its “Best Books of the Year” list – and Do More than Give. She teaches corporate social responsibility in Georgetown’s MBA program and nonprofit leadership on LinkedIn Learning. She holds an MBA and BA from Harvard, and resides in the Washington, D.C. region.
As a faculty member for ORS Impact’s annual Measurement, Learning, and Evaluation Consulting Lab, Joel supports individual organizations in building their measurement and learning practice. He is also the co-author of “When the Best Offense is a Good Defense: Understanding and Measuring Advocacy on the Defense.” He has over 7 years of experience in policy advocacy evaluation across issue areas including, safety net and racial equity, immigration, food security, and early education, to name a few. His prior experience includes sustainable agricultural work in Colombia and economic development at the City of Seattle.
A social worker by training and an advocate by trade, Tom brings a unique perspective to his work as one of Washington’s most senior political and public policy strategists. Tom is known on Capitol Hill and in the West Wing for using his deep understanding of the political process and decades-long relationships with senior Members of Congress and top Administration officials to help organizations achieve scalable, positive social change. In 1991, Tom founded The Sheridan Group where he and his team work to craft effective strategies for socially responsible public policy initiatives to “help the good do better.” Over the years, The Sheridan Group has become the go-to firm in the nation’s capital for grassroots advocacy, issue campaign management and coalition-building for non-profit organizations, social entrepreneurs and socially conscious corporations. Tom is a frequent speaker on how to use the levers of politics and policy to affect social change. His debut book, Helping the Good Do Better: How a White Hat Lobbyist Advocates for Social Change, was released in June 2019. In addition to his work at TSG, Tom sits on the Board of the Children’s Beach House in Lewes, DE, an organization dedicated to helping children with special needs. An animal lover, Tom can often be found with his dogs, Phina and Duffy, and his equine family member, Ryan.
Dr. Julie Sweetland is a sociolinguist and vice president for strategy and innovation at the FrameWorks Institute, where she leads efforts to diffuse the organization’s cutting-edge, evidence-based reframing recommendations throughout the nonprofit sector. Since joining FrameWorks in 2012, she has led the development of powerful learning experiences for nonprofit leaders and has provided strategic communications guidance for advocates, policymakers, and scientists nationwide and internationally. Prior to joining FrameWorks, Julie was actively involved in improving teaching and learning for over a decade as a classroom teacher, instructional designer, and teacher educator. At Center for Inspired Teaching, she served as director of teaching and learning and helped to found a demonstration school with an embedded teacher residency. As founding director of the Center for Urban Education, she launched a graduate teacher preparation program for the University of the District of Columbia. Julie's linguistic research has focused on the intersection of language and race; on the role of language variation and language attitudes on student learning; and on effective professional learning for teachers. Her work has appeared in publications such as the Journal of Sociolinguistics, Educational Researcher, and Education Week, and she is the co-author of African American, Creole, and Other Vernacular Englishes in Education. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and lectures regularly at her alma mater. She completed her MA and PhD in linguistics at Stanford University. As the mother of a second-grader, Julie enjoys any culinary experience that goes beyond the four basic food groups of chicken nuggets, macaroni-and-cheese, French fries, and grapes.
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One of the most beneficial things about the DANA conference is the opportunity to connect with others. For some events, it’s rare that we can get together. There is always a bit of learning that many of us struggle with and we often face the same challenges even if we are in different sectors. I think it’s always good to get together with others who serve the nonprofit community in Delaware.

Carla Grygiel

Newark Senior Center