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Annual Delaware Conference Goes Virtual; Focuses on Nonprofits Connecting to Overcome COVID Crisis

Wilmington, DE – Each weekday from August 17-21, DANA – Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement will bring together philanthropy, business, government, nonprofit leaders and staff from across the region in a virtual format to engage and learn about emerging from a crisis stronger and more resilient through building collaboratives and leveraging challenging times into transformative opportunities for social change. Hosted by DANA, Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, conference participants will learn from two nationally-recognized authors and speakers, Leslie Crutchfield and Tom Sheridan, as well as three breakout session speakers, and a moderated panel of local Philanthropy leaders. Sheila Bravo, DANA’s CEO, will also share current trends impacting Delaware nonprofits during the State of the Sector speech.

Opening Keynote speaker, Leslie Crutchfield, has written numerous books on social change and nonprofits. She is also the Executive Director of Business for Impact at Georgetown University’s McDonough School for Business. She has authored, Forces for Good: The Six Practices for High-Impact Nonprofits, Do More than Give, and her latest, How Change Happens: Why Some Movements Succeed While Others Don’t. Tom Sheridan, President of The Sheridan Group and known inside the Beltway as the “white hat lobbyist,” will be featured as the conference Closing Keynote speaker. He recently released Helping the Good Do Better: How a White Hat Lobbyist Advocates for Social Change. In addition to learning from these influential change makers, conference attendees will be able to choose from three smaller-group virtual breakout sessions to dive deeper into the concepts presented – breakout session topics and speakers can be found on the DANA website at

The event will be held daily for up to two hours per day at varying times. Registration for the week-long virtual event is open to the public. DANA members receive discounted admission as part of their membership. Space is still available for sponsors and a limited number of showcase exhibitors – please contact Melissa Hopkins at [email protected] for details.

The conference is open to anyone in the nonprofit or business sectors seeking to move toward recovery and resiliency, while creating a stronger impact for greater social change.


DANA, founded in 1986, is a 501c3 membership organization serving to advance nonprofit effectiveness and efficiency in and around the state of Delaware. Their mission is to strengthen, advance and enhance the nonprofits through advocacy, training, capacity building, and research.


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