Join the Alliance

Join the Alliance

Nonprofits in Delaware are strengthened when we work together.

It takes a community to create and sustain healthy nonprofits. DANA offers ways for individuals, nonprofits, businesses and foundations to engage in our mission to advance leadership excellence and build sustainable nonprofit capacity which improves our quality of life in Delaware.

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Great things happen when we work together. And for nonprofits especially, collaboration is vital. That’s why United Way of Delaware supports membership in DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement. In 2017, United Way of Delaware joined with DANA to mobilize the nonprofit sector in preserving Grant-In-Aid. We anticipate 2018 will once again require our collective advocacy. The nonprofit sector is used to dealing with challenge. By working together, we can be more effective. Please join me in supporting DANA.

Michelle Taylor


Alliance Partners

Foundations who understand that the sustainability of nonprofit services requires a strong leadership and quality processes for continuous improvement.

To become an Alliance Partner today, please contact Melissa Hopkins.