Mission & Impact

Mission & Impact

Mission and Impact

DANA is committed to enhancing and strengthening the nonprofit sector by providing low cost education, consulting, and advocacy support for nonprofit leaders and boards of directors.

All of us at DANA are heart-broken over the death of George Floyd – yet another life lost on the long list of too many names. We are also deeply saddened by the division in our country and the racial tensions that have escalated as a result. Here in Delaware, we are feeling the pain of our friends, families and all Delawareans of color.

That said, we are encouraged that a bright light is finally illuminating the injustice that so many feel on a daily basis. At DANA and behalf of our nonprofit sector statewide, we want our Delaware community, especially people of color, to know that we see you, we hear you, and we stand with you.

We have always valued people before profit – it’s the nonprofit way. We also believe strongly that people must be valued above property. Now, more than ever, we will work to make this a reality. We see Delaware’s nonprofits as a vital lifeline between our neighborhoods and communities and a resource for sharing valuable resources, education, support and help for everyone to join together to affect change. It starts with us.

We will continue to serve and strengthen our nonprofits so that they can serve all people in need – including those who are disenfranchised within their own communities because of the color of their skin.

Sheila Bravo

President & CEO

Our Mission

As the leader of the nonprofit sector, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement’s mission is to strengthen, enhance, and advance nonprofits and the sector in Delaware through advocacy, training, capacity building, and research.

Our Vision

The quality of life for Delawareans will improve because nonprofits are delivering on their missions efficiently and effectively. The Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement will be the leader of the nonprofit sector, recognized for providing skills leadership, convening leadership, and voice leadership for the sector.

Our Values
  • Envision and lead to a better future
  • Serve with integrity based on best practices
  • Respect the Diversity of All

Our History

DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement was formed in 1986 as an association for the purpose of supporting nonprofits in group purchasing. Over the decades, the agency evolved to include advocacy and training. In 2012, the agency rebranded from an association for nonprofits to an alliance for nonprofit advancement to make a much more significant impact on the nonprofit community, and engage funders and business leaders in advancing nonprofit excellence. It continues to advocate for the sector, but in addition, provides training and consulting to nonprofit boards and leaders to improve their effectiveness in mission fulfillment.

Our services are based on the nationally recognized best-practices set forth by the Standards for Excellence® Program, enhanced with contemporary best practices in leadership and advocacy. These offerings allow us to assist nonprofit leaders to identify and implement practices that lead to effective governance and sustainability.

Our Impact

Advancing Nonprofit Excellence

DANA’s Board of Directors and staff updated its strategic plan in 2016 to focus its efforts in strengthening leadership, enhancing operational excellence and advancing the nonprofit sector in Delaware. DANA believes that strong, healthy nonprofits and the sector begins with strong leadership within the organization, the board, and the overall sector. DANA seeks the following outcomes from its work with a focus on leadership development, nonprofit organizational system improvement, and sector-level advancement

  • Nonprofit leaders collaborate, are adaptive, exhibit strategic acumen, have strong operational skills and pursue continuous improvement
  • Nonprofit organizations have leadership recruiting and development processes in place
  • Nonprofit organizations will have a strategic plan which articulates what success looks like and translates action into mission
  • Stakeholders can articulate the Delaware nonprofit sector identity and value

DANA’s programs and resources will be targeted to support the above outcomes, and will research and report on sector trends to measure the changes in nonprofit excellence.

Turning Mission Into Reality

DANA brings the people, research, and strategies together to advance nonprofit excellence


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The trainings that we went through with Mr. Stock and DANA have improved our Board of Directors greatly. The new board members have been extremely engaged, involved, and available. Our existing board members have become more involved and efficient. Since the conclusion of our training one year ago, board attendance has been near 100% and we have not had to cancel a single meeting due to lack of attendance. These workshops have allowed us to grow and identify potential members based on the values that are instrumental to our school. I would highly recommend Mr. Stock and DANA to any non-profit that is looking to recruit new members, develop existing members, or engage in future planning.

Leroy Travers