Nonprofit FAQs for Grant Application Concierge Service

Nonprofit FAQs for Grant Application Concierge Service

Nonprofit FAQs for Grant Application Concierge Service

Q. How much does the grant review cost?

A. The first grant review is free. If you would like one or more additional grant review services, we are offering a discounted rate or grant review services.

Q. What if the initial free grant review is not enough time to address our needs?

A. You can purchase additional help at our discounted rate by clicking here. You have the option to choose one or more of our three packages: 

(1) an additional grant review for $50.00; 

(2) financial analysis, which includes assistance with either program budgeting or cash flow projections, for $125.00*;  

(3) assistance writing and editing a case for support for $125.00*; or 

(4) purchase additional hours for any of these three services

*Please note if the technical advisor believes your need far exceeds what we have estimated as the average time for them to provide assistance, we will reach out to discuss a more customized solution.

Q. Am I required to purchase the additional services if I register for the free grant review?
A. No.

Q. Can I purchase more than one additional service and any combination of the financial, case for support, and overall grant review services?
A. Yes, you can purchase as many services as you would like and any combination of services.

Q. Who will provide the services?
A. Based upon the types of service(s) you request, a technical advisor trained to support this unique program will provide your services.

Q. How will the technical advisor review our grant and work with us to make improvements?
A. The technical advisor assigned to your organization will initially connect with you to gather the information and documents needed. If the grant you are applying to provides a rubric, please send that along to the technical advisor, as well.

Q. What if I need additional time than that allotted in the initial service I purchased?
A. You can purchase additional time at $50.00 per hour.