Training Workshops and Seminars

DANA’s Excellence Academy offers an annual set of training workshops based on the organizational best practices embodied in the guiding principles of the Standards for Excellence Institute, of which DANA is a replication partner. We not only focus on WHAT one can do to improve leadership and effectiveness, but more importantly the HOW.

The curriculum includes:

  • Executive Director Peer Networking (E2E)
  • Board Excellence
  • Board Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Board Chair Basics
  • Financial Basics and Financial Leadership
  • Program Evaluation and Outcomes Measurement
  • Resource Development
  • Public Advocacy, Affairs, & Policy
  • Succession Planning
  • Collaboration and Collective Impact
  • And a range of other topics that emerge based on DANA member feedback.

Learn more about these programs, and see the calendar of upcoming training sessions.

We conduct follow-up surveys and diagnostic assessments on our training workshops and seminars using survey tools like QuestionPro, which is available to nonprofits at no charge.

In addition to our regularly scheduled workshops and trainings, DANA is also pleased to partner with MindEdge to offer our members online and on-demand higher education and professional development courses at a reduced cost.