COVID-19 Related Funding for Nonprofits

COVID-19 Related Funding for Nonprofits

Vision Grant Resources for Nonprofits

In support of the COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund’s  Vision Grant Program, a partnership of the Delaware Community Foundation and Philanthropy Delaware, DANA is providing assistance for nonprofits who want to:

  1. Develop a new “big idea” with other like-minded organizations who believe they have a better way of creating impact together and need facilitation to help them collectively think through their ideas before bringing them to the COVID-19 Vision Grant for consideration.
  2. Determine the feasibility of a new partnership or new service and would benefit from market research, project management or consulting support to assist in determining the opportunity.
  3. Seek coaching or consulting support for Vision grant approved initiatives which need a consultant or coach to assist them in planning or implementation.

As reminder, it is required that applicants to the Vision Grant Program have participated in (or viewed) one of our orientation webinars:

A limited number of scholarships are available to assist collaboratives that meet the Vision Grant program criteria, or are referred by the Vision Grant council to receive additional consulting support.  Initiatives interested in seeking DANA’s assistance may complete this form, and a DANA team member will follow up shortly.  Any questions about DANA’s support, please feel free to contact Paul Stock at [email protected].