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Advancing Nonprofit
Impact in Delaware

About DANA

We are a nonprofit formed to serve nonprofits. DANA is focused on creating conditions and offering services that help Delaware nonprofits thrive; to serve their communities in meaningful and impactful ways. DANA provides industry-leading services to strengthen nonprofit board governance and leadership, enhance a nonprofit’s sustaining strategies, and to advance the overall nonprofit sector.

As a member of the Alliance, you can participate in member programs and events which connect you with other nonprofit leaders. You also benefit through low-cost to free resources, as well as gain access to DANA’s expert trainers and consultants at reduced rates. DANA can provide you with consulting and training services tailored to your needs. Through DANA’s advocacy efforts, we strive to work with government and philanthropy to understand the nonprofit sector and to develop initiatives and policy that supports the amazing work of Delaware nonprofits.

The Nonprofit Sector

There are over 3000 tax-exempt organizations operating in Delaware – from faith organizations, fire companies, and foundations, to food pantries, hospitals, and universities.

Approximately 1200 of these provide services to millions of residents and visitors to Delaware. Collectively these organizations generate over $8 billion in spending power. But they do not work alone. Working collaboratively, and with government, philanthropy, and business, the social impact sector seeks to enhance the lives of those who live and visit our state.

DANA supports these collaboratives, conducting research, convening thought leaders, and educating policymakers. See how DANA’s impact advances the nonprofit sector across all of Delaware!

Introducing the DANA Nonprofit Accelerator

Empowering Small Nonprofits to Scale Their Impact

“Our organization had been struggling with how to get a strategic plan organized and written. Our consultant managed the process very efficiently and helped us put together a plan that encompassed the areas that are most important to the organization with buy-in from the participants.”

Hans Miller

Centers of Excellence

DANA’s Centers of Excellence help nonprofits strengthen their leadership or identify strategies to sustain their impact. Resources area available to help enhance practices that lead to efficient nonprofits with maximum mission and program impact.


An impactful sustainable nonprofit begins with a strong and engaged board of directors. DANA provides boards of directors tips, templates, and strategies to help them sustain their governance.


Nonprofits depend on effective leadership to successfully enact their missions and programs. Nonprofit Leadership consists of a partnership between the board and management, with each playing an essential role. Understanding and negotiating these shared and complex elements of leadership is essential to an organization’s success.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Creating and sustaining an equitable and inclusive culture invites innovation, talent retention, and mission impact. DANA offers a wide array of services to assist nonprofits with their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Whether you are just starting out or have already put some work in, we can help to advance DEI within your nonprofit.

Nonprofit Sustaining Strategies

Tap into DANA’s tips, tools, and consulting services to strengthen a nonprofit’s board recruitment and retention practices, executive evaluation, leadership continuity plans, strategic planning, outcome measurement, fundraising, advocacy, and financial management.

Program Evaluation

Nonprofits are formed for community benefit. It is not always easy to measure progress towards its vision. DANA provides resources to assist nonprofits in identifying outcomes, measuring, and reporting community impact.

Public Policy

Nonprofits are critical partners with the government and often are on the front line in identifying needs for policy change. DANA provides counsel and guidance on developing public policy plans and engaging with local government leaders, DANA also serves as an advocate voice and convenor to help both nonprofits and government understand opportunities to strengthen their partnership.

Our Alliance Partners

Many thanks to DANA’s Alliance Partners! We couldn’t serve our members and the nonprofit sector in Delaware without you.