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Thank you to everyone who helped us make the
2023 IMPACT Conference a Success!

April 20, 2023
Clayton Hall, University of Delaware
100 David Hollowell Dr.
Newark DE, 19716

Seth Goldenberg – Keynote Speaker

Designer & Author of “Radical Curiosity

Curiosity as a Leadership Imperative in an Era of Dynamic Change 

One of today’s most original thinkers, Seth Goldenberg, blends modern-day philosophy, business strategy, and design thinking to challenge: How can we revive the lost art of asking essential questions to envision and realize flourishing futures? In this timely and compelling presentation, Goldenberg delivers impassioned guidance to leaders on how to lead through questions, not answers, to think beyond the short-term, and retain talent.  He shares insightful case studies in the cultural landscape and champions how to install curiosity within the very operating system of organizations and our personal lives. 

Radical Results Through Advocacy

Rebecca Byrd, Partner and General Counsel, ByrdGomes

Over half of the nonprofit sector revenue is sourced from government grants and contracts.  Policies can create opportunities and barriers for nonprofits to achieve their visions.  Advocacy and lobbying efforts can help nonprofits inform the regulations and influence funding allocations.  However, there is a myth that nonprofits should not lobby. In this breakout session, Rebecca will help nonprofit leaders understand the possibilities for nonprofits to lobby and advocate, the distinction between the two, and how they can work together to help nonprofits influence government policies that impact the clients they serve.  

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Be Prepared: Climate Change and Impacts to Nonprofits & Those They Serve (Panel)  

Susan Love, Administrator, DNREC (Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control) Climate and Sustainability Programs 
Jill MacKenzie, Executive Director, Hagley Museum and Librar
Rashmi Rangan, Executive Director, Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council 
Moderator:  A.J. Schall Jr., Director, Delaware Emergency Management Agency 

Whether it is ongoing levels of extreme heat, rising water, or unpredictable storms, extreme climate conditions are on the rise.  These effects impact not only the nonprofit organization but those they serve.  In 2021, Hurricane Ida left devastation of property and lives in Wilmington.  Unfortunately, rising heat, extreme temperature shifts, and storm events will become more frequent.  This breakout session will provide insights on future climate trends, what lessons were learned on protecting property and people in the wake of past climate events, and how to build a resilient nonprofit by exploring the impact of extreme climate for their organization and those they serve.  

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Communications in Uncertain Times (Panel) 

Patti Grimes, Executive Director, Joshua M. Freeman Foundation
Vikram Krishnamurthy, Executive Director,  Delaware Center for Horticulture
Caitlyn Ridgley, Communications Manager, Delaware Center for Horticulture
Chelsea Warren, Director of Marketing, Joshua M. Freeman Foundation/Freeman Arts Pavilion
Moderator: Patricia V Rivera, Chief Executive Officer, Hook PR & Marketing

Nonprofits must consider many different elements when it comes to communication: the audiences they serve, their donors, staff and volunteers, and the general public.  Since the pandemic, many organizations have had to learn new ways of communicating – not just with each other, but with their target audiences as well.  How do we reach our audiences? And with an ever-changing world, what do we discuss?  How do we talk about these more complex topics, like climate and social justice…and should we? Engaging nonprofit audiences continues to be an ever-evolving communications opportunity.  In this session, panelists will unpack strategic considerations and innovative approaches to connecting with their diverse stakeholders and highlight trends and new strategies for 2023 and beyond.

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Leadership & Governance Through Transformative Growth

Logan S. Herring, Sr., Chief Executive Officer, The WRK Group

It starts with a vision but takes discipline, courage, community engagement, and a lot of resources to transform a community center into a redevelopment collaborative. Logan Herring, CEO of The WRK Group, comprised of Kingswood Community Center, The Warehouse, and REACH Riverside will share the journey their organization took, and lessons learned in leadership and governance to achieve the $600 million initiative to empower the community to reach its full potential by eliminating the barriers of structural racism and revolutionizing teen engagement. 

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1:15 p.m. Pay for Success (Panel) – 60 minutes

Samantha Mignotte, Director, Advisory Services, Social Finance  
Kirsten Olson, CEO, Children & Families First  
Charuni Patibanda, Economic Development Director, New Castle County  
Jerry Penrose, Controller, Longwood Foundation 
Moderator: Sheila Bravo, MBA, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, DANA

In other parts of the country, the private sector has partnered with the government to create Pay for Success initiatives—outcomes-based financing programs that directly and measurably improve lives by driving resources toward results.  In 2018, Delaware passed legislation that paved the way for these social investment vehicles to be used in Delaware. The first New Castle County Pay for Success initiative was launched in 2022 with a partnership between Children & Families First, the Longwood Foundation, and New Castle County to expand access to high-quality prenatal and postnatal health care to 120 first-time, Medicaid-eligible mothers living in the county.  Social Finance, a national impact finance and advisory nonprofit provided guidance to structure the partnership. Learn about Pay for Success, how the three organizations structured the investment, and lessons learned for other similar funding opportunities in Delaware. 



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