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Program Evaluation

Advancing Nonprofit Excellence in Delaware

Donors and the community want to know the good work nonprofits are doing. Tracking and reporting program and mission outcomes are not always easy to do. DANA has several resources to assist nonprofits in capturing insights, tracking and analyzing the data, and communicating results. 

Standards for Excellence on Program Evaluation

How to Identify an Outcome

Communicating Impact

Measuring Outcomes Without Data – The Rubric Method

DANA, through a partnership with Public Health Management Corporation, is now able to offer nonprofits resources and tools to measure and evaluate outcomes. What does this mean for you? You can use these tools to improve your outcome evaluation techniques, which will ultimately help your organization communicate the results of their programs and services and the impact they are having in the community.

These tools and resources are made available to all nonprofit professionals at no cost by the Longwood Foundation.

As part of this offering, you will receive:


Resources, Tools, and Tip Sheets:

After each using each resource, please fill out this brief survey assessment of the specific tool. We are always looking to deliver high quality resources that are valuable and useful to you. Survey Assessment for Each Tool Listed Above – click here.

Additionally, two assessment tools will be made available to you:

If you are interested in seeking additional information or assistance, click here.

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