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Board Excellence

Envision and Work Toward a Better Future

High-performing boards of directors are critical to successfully navigating changing times. These resources can assist boards of directors in having the right policies in place to manage risk, and sustain the organization in the future.

A healthy and engaged board regularly reflects on its performance. DANA provides resources to assist boards of directors in evaluation and in developing a roadmap for board development. The DANA board self-assessment service offers an on-line survey, a comprehensive report of the findings, and an 18-month development plan for the board to enhance its governance practices. The assessment looks at the following areas:

• Governance
• Planning
• Building and Sustaining an Effective Board
• Meeting Effectiveness
• Legal and Financial Oversight
• Resource Development

To learn more or seek assistance in board assessment, contact Earl Sissell at [email protected].

If you are interested in seeking additional information or assistance, click here.

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Earl Sissell

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