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Board Member

Our Mission

Our mission at the Delaware Alliance Against Sexual Violence is to address Sexual Violence in Delaware by creating an inclusive community that supports survivors through advocacy, intervention, and awareness.

Mission Area

Community Development, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Education, Human Services, LGTQI+, Other, Women

About Our Organization 

Board Meeting Details

Our board meets on weekday evenings, virtually.
Our committees meet at the same time as the general board.
We are a Medium Board- More than 10 people with at least one active committee.

Our board has the following committees: Board Nominating/Board Governance, Finance/Audit, Fundraising/Development

We do not have a set nominating committee schedule.  We elect new members to our board as potential members express interest.

Board Needs

We are especially interested in candidates with the following skills: Experience with/commitment to addressing sexual violence, Communications and PR, Event Planning, Fundraising/Fund Development, Finance/Financial Management, Strategy/Strategy Management, Philanthropy

Number of board openings: one.

We are not seeking to fill a specific officer position.

Our board requires an annual financial contribution from members.  It is not a set amount, we just ask that you make a personally meaningful gift based on your capacity to give.

Our board asks our members to participate in fundraising: Help with asking, events. Although we have not done many events, we are hoping that as we grow our board we will.  We will need help with planning and executing events.

More About Our Organization

We are a newer organization - four years old.  In the last two years we have turned over most of the original board.  We are looking for up to six new board members.  Currently eight of our members (everyone but me) live in New Castle County and we are all women.  We are looking to diversify our  board geographically, gender, ethnicity, etc.