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Treasurer, Vice President (Future President)

Our Mission

To advance the knowledge and appreciation of dance in the community and region through instruction, performances, and outreach programs: to provide the highest quality educational opportunities possible in all aspects of dance to anyone desiring such education; to be viewed as a community and regional leader in preparing vocational students for a professional career in dance.

Mission Area

Arts, Education

About Our Organization

Board Meeting Details

Our board meets on weekday evenings in the New Castle County (Newark) area and virtually.
Our committees meet as needed.
We are a medium-sized board, with more than one active committee.

Our board has the following committees: Finance/Audit, Fundraising/Development, HR/Personnel, Property

We elect our board of directors annually in September.

Board Needs

We are especially interested in candidates with the following skills: Accounting/Auditing, Finance/Financial Management, Fundraising/Fund Development

Number of board openings: multiple.

We are seeking to fill specific officer positions including treasurer and vice president (future president).

Our board doesn't requires an annual financial contribution from members.

Our board does not ask our members to participate in fundraising.

More About Our Organization

Delaware Dance Company has an over 40 year history. In person participation is encouraged but not necessary.