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Advocacy Alert: Nonprofit Access to State Healthcare

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For the last year, the DANA team has been working with Senator Sarah McBride to draft legislation to allow Delaware nonprofit organizations with financial relationships with the State to purchase State of Delaware health, dental, and vision insurance.  As we get closer to the end of the current Legislative session, it’s time to leverage our collective voices to demand access to affordable healthcare for Delaware nonprofits. Please contact your legislators this week!  We are hoping to generate 10 contacts per legislator from nonprofit leaders, board members, and funders.

  1. Please contact Governor Carney’s office and State legislators either by phone or by email to request that state-affiliated nonprofits be permitted to purchase health, dental, and vision through the State.
    • Governor Carney’s contact information is (302) 577-3210 or email here
    • If you need to find the legislator for the location where your organization or your home is located please use the Find My Legislator tool here.
  2. Ask legislators to contact Governor Carney to request nonprofit access to purchase healthcare through the state similar to 78 other external organizations, and
  3. To co-sponsor and support the draft legislation once released.

We are providing a draft email template that you can customize with your organization’s specific need for affordable healthcare options, a healthcare access information card, and the draft bill to attach to your email.  Please include Jalissia Haynes ([email protected]) in the BCC of your email so that we can track which legislators have been contacted.

Thank you for being partners in advocacy!