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Conversations with the Community: Akima Brown, Reel Families for Change

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Delaware, December 15, 2022 – Community Conversations-Delaware Voices, a weekly series of short interviews, will featureconversations with leadership and staff from nonprofit organizations throughout Delaware. The collaboration between DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, and TELEDUCTION/HEARTS AND MINDS FILM, will be an updated version of Conversations from Quarantine, initiated by TELEDUCTION when the pandemic began.

“The idea was to keep Delawareans connected and informed while we were in quarantine,” said interview host Sharon Baker, adding, “With the aid of Delaware Humanities, we informally produced close to 150 conversations through early 2022. People were eager to get and share information.” 

The collaboration with DANA will provide new and broader opportunities to feature the “faces” and “voices” of the organizations responding to critical needs in our communities during these challenging times.

“Delaware nonprofits improve the quality of life for people of every age, gender, race, and socioeconomic status across the state,” said DANA President and CEO Sheila Bravo. We’re proud to partner with TELEDUCTION to amplify their voices in this post-pandemic world.”

Community Conversations-Delaware Voices will also occasionally feature interviews with Delawareans from the public sector, including elected officials, toward the goal of providing Delawareans with information and resources that they and their neighbors can use. The programs will be posted each Friday on the DANA website, and also distributed via social media – the inaugural episode is planned for Friday, December 16. The recently established Delaware Journalism Collaborative is also lending its support to this initiative to get important information about Delaware’s nonprofit community out to the Delaware public.

DANA is committed to strengthening, enhancing, and advancing the nonprofit sector by providing low-cost professional development, consulting, and advocacy support for nonprofit leaders and boards of directors. For more information, visit DANA’s website at