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Delaware Nonprofit Advocacy Day shows organizations impact on communities

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DOVER, Del. – Hundreds of people, each bearing the logos of their respective nonprofits, took to the steps of Legislative Hall in Dover with one goal: to unite their voices and be heard.

On Delaware Nonprofit Advocacy Day, they want to show legislators that they have significant impact on the communities they serve.

The biggest turn out yet comes at a time where the state is dealing with a hefty budget deficit.

Democratic Representative Valerie Longhurst tells 47 ABC, “We have a $400 million deficit right now and the governor proposed half of it, 200 for revenue, 200 in cuts. So we have to see what those cuts are.”

More than 1,000 non-profits are scattered throughout the first state and these cuts could affect each group differently.

Representative Longhurst tells us this day is essential for each non-profit to showcase their individual need.

“It makes legislators really look at these cuts and say is this what we really want to cut, you have to put a face to those cuts. It’s good that they’re here so that they’re telling their story.”

The Delaware’s Breast Cancer Coalition was just one of those non-profits at the rally.

We are told they provide vital life saving services for people in need the community and it’s important that the legislators know the impact that they are making.

Beyond those vital services, more than 200,000 Delawareans contribute their time and effort to these organizations.

President of Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement Sheila Bravo tells us,
“Government officials can actually see how we are such an important part of the
Delaware economy and certainly the quality of life.”

If you want to help out you can contact the nonprofit directly for more information head to the Delaware Alliance for nonprofit advancement here.