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First-Round Applications Open for $25 Million Nonprofit Support Fund

Wilmington, DE – Eligible nonprofits can apply to the Delaware Nonprofit Support Program beginning at 8:00AM Eastern on October 9 – one month since it was announced on September 9. This grant program is exclusively for nonprofits and leverages $25 Million in Federal CARES Act funding. It is expected that there will be three rounds of funding, with the first round closing on October 16, 2020. These grants are compliance-based and are non-competitive. All nonprofits who meet the eligibility are encouraged to apply.

This grant program was created by a unique collaborative group bringing together state and local government, nonprofit sector leaders, and the philanthropy community. The key stakeholders in the group were Governor John Carney, County Executive Matt Meyer, DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, the Delaware Community Foundation, Philanthropy Delaware, and United Way of Delaware.

The Delaware Nonprofit Support Program has two grant opportunities: Part I and Part II. To be eligible for the program, an organization must be a Delaware 501c3 or a 501c3 that provides services in the state of Delaware. Part I is designed to reimburse Delaware nonprofits for allowable COVID-19 expenses. Part II assists nonprofits with incremental expenses related to increasing service demand. Nonprofits, if they meet the eligibility requirement for Parts I and II, are encouraged to apply for both.

There is a web portal ( that offers an overview of each grant, hosts an extensive FAQ to help nonprofits with eligibility and other related questions, and houses a sample application. This portal enables nonprofits to quickly identify which grant opportunities work best for their organization and offers links to the grant applications online.

For nonprofits that need technical assistance in preparing an application or have additional questions, DANA set up a special email address where nonprofits can request help. Interested parties can email [email protected] or click the “Contact Us” button on the web portal.




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The Delaware Nonprofit Support Program consists of a government/nonprofit/philanthropy partnership to bring $25 Million of funding to the nonprofit sector in Delaware through the Federal CARES Act. The partners include the State of Delaware, New Castle County, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, The Delaware Community Foundation, Philanthropy Delaware, and United Way of Delaware. The program consists of two grants – known as Part I and Part II – which are compliance-based, noncompetitive, and have measures in place to ensure equity among nonprofits of various sizes. There will be three rounds of funding. The first round of funding opened and will remain open through October 16. Qualification criteria and applications can be accessed through

  • The first grant, Part I, is specifically for the reimbursement of operational expenses incurred because of COVID-19, such as PPE and technology. This fund will be managed by United Way of Delaware.
  • Part II recognizes that many nonprofits saw an increase in caseloads due to the pandemic and this grant addresses the incremental costs associated with those increased service levels. This part will be administered by the Delaware Community Foundation and Philanthropy Delaware.


DANA, founded in 1986, is a 501c3 membership organization serving to advance nonprofit effectiveness and efficiency in and around the state of Delaware. Their mission is to strengthen, advance and enhance the nonprofits through advocacy, training, capacity building, and research.


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