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Governor Announces FY 2020 Budget

Last week Governor Carney unveiled his proposed budget for FY 2020.  DANA held a Budget update on Monday, January 28th with presentations by: Bert Scoglietti from the Office of Management & Budget (OMB), Michelle Stent from the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), and Representatives Kevin Hensley and Rebecca Byrd from the Byrd Group.

We learned that with revenue increases, the Governor has proposed increased investment in a variety of social issues DANA members care about, including: education support for English-learning and disadvantaged youth, early learning reading, youth with special education needs, case workers for child welfare cases, purchase of care, senior services, adults with disabilities, behavioral health, transportation, the environment, affordable housing, historic preservation, and open space.  The Governor recommended Grant-in-Aid levels remain consistent with last year after removing one-time investments.  He also identified one-time investment initiatives and recommends setting aside funding as part of the budget smoothing initiative.

See the presentations offered at the DANA Annual Budget Review:
Byrd Group: The Legislative Budget Cycle, Political Landscape and Opportunity for Voice 
DHSS: Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Overview
OMB: Budget Overview

Joint Finance Committee Hearings began this week, and several are new to the committee. Representative Hensley reminded participants at the event there are several new policymakers who will be weighing in on regulations and funding support which impacts nonprofits. He strongly encouraged nonprofit leaders to visit with their representative and share their story. They need to know the good work your organization is doing to make their district great.

DANA will be hosting sub-sector advocacy days beginning in March and invite you to participate by registering as they become available on our Events Calendar. DANA will be in Legislative Hall often throughout the session. We will keep you apprised of what’s happening and how it impacts nonprofits in Delaware.