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Introducing the DANA Nonprofit Accelerator

Photo of Dan Davis, DANA Engagement Manager

Accelerator Program Application Now Open: Take Your Nonprofit to New Heights 

We are thrilled to announce that applications are being accepted for the highly anticipated DANA Nonprofit Accelerator Program. This is an incredible opportunity for small nonprofits serving historically excluded communities to expand their organizations’ effectiveness. 

Delaware relies on small nonprofits to serve people in need. We understand your challenges: limited resources, capacity, and the struggle to secure funding. The Nonprofit Catch 22 is all too real. Your organization can overcome these barriers with the proper support and create lasting change in your communities. 

The three-year DANA Nonprofit Accelerator Program provides small nonprofits with continual technical assistance, coaching, and consulting. We are committed to strengthening your leadership and organization, expanding your impact, and ensuring long-term sustainability. 

What to expect from the program: 

  • Continual support: Our experts will be by your side, providing customized plans to strengthen your board, leadership, and organization. 
  • Nonprofit Cohort: You’ll learn from and collaborate with nonprofit leaders. Shared learning and potential partnerships will improve your experience.  
  • Lasting change: Your nonprofit will increase its impact based on your goals. This could be to become a larger employer with diverse funding, grow the number of people your organization serves, and serve as a valuable partner with government and philanthropy to improve local communities. 
  • Success: Over five years, we want tangible results, including the creation of more jobs, serving more people, and improvement in organizational capacity. 

Seize this opportunity and take your nonprofit to new heights.  

If your organization meets these criteria, we encourage you to apply: 

  • Serve populations that experience discrimination or exclusion 
  • Have been in operation for at least three years 
  • Have a paid full-time executive director 
  • Have an operating budget below $3 million 
  • Have a board committed to the program 
  • Can pay 10% of the program’s cost 

To apply for the Accelerator Program, visit our website and complete the pre-application. The next step is an invitation to the entire application process, including an assessment and interview. 

You might have questions about the program and the application. We’ve put together a FAQ section on our website. If you can’t find the answers you need, please contact our team. 

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to transform your nonprofit and make a lasting impact in your community. Apply for the DANA Nonprofit Accelerator Program today and join us on this journey. We can break the Nonprofit Catch 22 and create a stronger, more resilient network.  

Apply now, and let’s accelerate your nonprofit’s success. 



Contact Person

Dan Davis

Program Director

[email protected]

Funded in part through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration.