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Press Release: DANA Announces Board Leadership Changes


Wilmington, DE – The Board of Directors of DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, has elected new leadership for a two-year term beginning in 2023.  Fayetta M. Blake succeeds Dominic Canuso as Board Chair. Ms. Blake is the founder and Executive Director of Pathways to Success, Inc. as well as an entrepreneur with businesses in Delaware and Maryland.  

Jennifer Cho succeeds Patti Grimes as Vice Chair. Jennifer is head of Citizenship / Community Relations for Barclays US Consumer Bank. 

Charles Vincent was re-elected as Secretary of the Board. He is the Executive Director of Spur Impact.  

Vickie Young Beam was re-elected as Treasurer. Ms. Beam is a Principal of the Audit Department of Cover & Rossiter, where she leads many of the region’s most prestigious not-for-profit profit and for-profit audits. 

Faybetta M. Blake – Jennifer Cho – Charlie Vincent – Vickie Young Beam

“DANA has an engaged Board of Directors; I am thankful for Dominic Canuso’s and Patti Grime’s leadership, and I am thrilled to work with these Board Officers to advance DANA’s mission,” said Sheila Bravo, DANA President and CEO.  

DANA has also been reaccredited by the Standards for Excellence® program, a national voluntary accreditation and recognition program for nonprofits. The Standards for Excellence® is a national initiative that is designed to promote the highest standards of nonprofit governance, management, and operations. As a Replication Partner, DANA brings the full complement of Standards for Excellence educational resources, expertise, and programming to Delaware’s nonprofit community. 

“Combined with the Standards of Excellence best practices in nonprofit management and governance, DANA has developed a successful structured approach to building our capacity while maintaining accountability and sustainability as a nonprofit,” Bravo said.  


DANA is committed to strengthening, enhancing, and advancing the nonprofit sector by providing low-cost professional development, consulting, and advocacy support for nonprofit leaders and boards of directors. For more information, visit DANA’s website at