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Today’s DEFAC forecasts a worsening budget gap, that with cost drivers will be approximately $386 Million.

Hi All,

Monday’s Delaware Economic Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) meeting revealed that their estimated “98% Appropriation” number is down by an additional $35.6 Million. Worsening the already substantial gap between revenues and expenditures, from December’s forecast, to $386 Million with the various cost drivers (school enrollment, Medicaid, healthcare for state employees and other drivers).

Know that DANA has been providing the Delaware Nonprofit Sector’s perspective to the Governor, other elected officials and department officials.

Meanwhile, the Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition (DRSC) of the nonprofit sector continues to meet. We have a full calendar of events to engage our elected officials, including:

  • This Thursday, March 23rd Governor Carney’s Scheduled Release of his Budget
  • March 23rd and April 5th will have two Coalition member programs hosted by the Ability Network of Delaware in Dover
  • May 22nd -31st will be the JFC Markup of the Budget & GIA
  • June 8th – NONPROFIT DAY in DOVER rally (Save the Date!)
  • June will be focused on direct advocacy with our elected officials by nonprofits, boards, volunteers, and clients.  So make your plans and call us if you need help.

Throughout the next three months, the Coalition will continue to reach out to you, as well as meet with General Assembly & JFC members to represent the nonprofit voice, our clients, and all Delawareans. Get the General Assembly / Legislative Calendar here:

Here’s the 2017 “LOGO Letter” to JFC and Legislators.  Please incorporate the key points into your meetings and messages to legislators.

We are all partners for a stronger Delaware.