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Albert Manero – Keynote Speaker

Engineer & Co-Founder of Limbitless Solutions

Embracing uncertainty with a growth mindset
When setting out to grow a non-profit we will all encounter moments of risk, uncertainty, and opportunity. The challenge of navigating these moments and maximizing the potential can be daunting. Leveraging the journey of Limbitless Solutions bionic arm development as a backdrop, join us for a conversation on finding your path and amplifying your impact.

When Dr. Albert Manero was growing up, his parents taught him the importance of making the world a better place. That inspiration has taken form in Limbitless Solutions, a nonprofit devoted to bringing 3-D printed bionic arms and hands to children at no cost to their families. Ever-evolving, the company has since expanded its mission to create bionic arms for adults, prioritizing veterans and first responders. Manero’s vision pairs innovation with compassion and design with scientific purpose, reminding all of us of what technology can achieve through singular vision and charitable spirit.

A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Manero was a graduate student at the University of Central Florida when he heard a radio interview with the man who invented the first 3-D printed artificial hand and learned of the exorbitant cost of prosthetic limbs, which placed them out of reach for most families. Inspired to change the system and disrupt an industry to benefit children in need, he and his colleagues founded Limbitless Solutions.

Harnessing the power of cross-team collaboration and using the power of STEAM to change children’s lives, Dr. Manero is a visionary social entrepreneur, educator, humanitarian, engineer, and superhero to hundreds of “bionic kids” who have benefited from his mission to make 3-D printed bionic prosthetic limbs accessible to all. Teaming engineers with artists, marketers with game designers and more, Limbitless Solutions has become a case study in innovative and interdisciplinary design. Using empathy as a guide, Dr. Manero brings a heart-touching story of the difference that one person with vision can make in the world, while championing the art—and highly human impact—of science, technology, engineering and math.