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DANA Nonprofit Accelerator

Is Your Organization Accelerator Ready

Is Your Organization Accelerator Ready?

Before your organization considers applying to the DANA Nonprofit Accelerator Program, we want to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. Please take a moment to review the following checklist: 

Serving Historically Excluded Populations: 

  • Does your organization primarily serve populations that face discrimination or exclusion? 
  • Does the need for services exceed what your organization can currently deliver? 

Recognized Impact: 

  • Is your organization known for making a positive difference in the community? 
  • Can you share testimonials or success stories from the people you’ve helped? 

Operational Experience: 

  • Has your organization been active for at least three years? 
  • Can you show that you have consistently carried out programs or services during this time? 

Dedicated Executive Director: 

  • Do you have a full-time Executive Director who is committed to participating in the DANA Nonprofit Accelerator Program? 

Operating Budget: 

  • Does your organization’s budget fall below $3 million? 

Committed Board: 

  • Does your organization have a Board of Directors that is fully dedicated to participating in the DANA Nonprofit Accelerator Program? 
  • Can you provide minutes from your board meeting that confirms the board’s commitment to applying? 

Finally, do you have the time to invest 8 to 10 hours a month dedicated to enhancing your organization?

Does this sound like your organization!? If it does, we encourage you to proceed with the DANA Nonprofit Accelerator Program application process. It’s important to remember that meeting these criteria does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The selection process involves a thorough review to ensure alignment and readiness. 

Take this opportunity to apply now and unlock the potential to strengthen your organization’s capacity and expand its impact in the community through the DANA Nonprofit Accelerator Program. Together, we can create positive change in Delaware! 

 Please note that this checklist serves as a guide and should not be considered a substitute for the official application process. The official application form will provide a more comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s eligibility and potential for success in the program. 

Are you still unsure if DANA’s Nonprofit Accelerator Program is right for you?  Helpful links:

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Funded in part through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration.