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Our Team

Envision and Lead
to a Better Future

Board of Directors

Fay Blake


Pathways to Success

Jennifer Cho

Vice Chair


Vickie Young Beam


Cover & Rossiter

Charles Vincent


Spur Impact

Kevin Gilmore


Habitat for Humanity

Guillermina Gonzalez

Wilmington University

Kathleen Hawkins

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Lisa Lucchese

JP Morgan Chase

Dr. Vita Pickrum

Delaware State University

Joanne Reilly

Community Leader

Tom Sheridan

The Sheridan Group

Mary Van Veen

Community Leader

Robert Winfree

JPMorgan Chase

The DANA Team

Sheila Bravo

President and Chief Executive Officer 302-777-5500, Ext. 7 [email protected]

Mel Carney

Executive Assistant 302-777-5500 Ext. 7 [email protected]

Daniel Davis

Engagement Manager 302-777-5500 Ext. 1 [email protected]

Tony Ferlenda

Director of Consulting 302-777-5500 Ext. 8 [email protected]

Jalissia Haynes

Public Policy & Advocacy Manager 302-777-5500 [email protected]

Melissa Hopkins

Executive Vice President of Sector Advancement 302-777-5500 Ext. 2 [email protected]

Leslie Poland

Communications Manager 302-777-5500 Ext. 6 [email protected]

Nicole Peters

Member Support Programs Manager (302) 330-7218 [email protected]

Earl Sissell

Vice President of Consulting 302-330-7225 [email protected]

Natashia Senade

Research Intern 302-777-5500 [email protected]

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